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Dr.Rama Devi desh pande

Dr. Rama Devi Deshpande is one of the prominent OG / Gyn specialists from Andhra Pradesh.

She has served as Civil Surgeon for the Department of Health Services from the Andhra Pradesh State Government. Presently she is the Chief Consultant- OB / GYN in the Manorama Clinic and Nursing Home in Nizamabad.   She has served in the State Government for more than twenty five years. She has been accorded several awards from Andhra Pradesh State Government.  She has received the Bold Doctor Award, Best Doctor Award for their continuous service of treating over one hundred HIV patients.

She has treated more than a hundred HIV patients and made sure that the developing fetus is unaffected by the mother’s health condition and developed safely.

Readers can send their questions to the following email:  doctorvihanga@gmail.com

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 We thank Dr. Rama Devi Deshpande for agreeing to conduct this feature for Vihanga readers.



Mrs. Selena, Houston

Q:1 every year when I go for well women check up, when they do PAP I get very painful during intercourse. Is it required to go for PAP every year? How can we heal from that pain?
Ans 1 Pap smear test every year is essential after 40yrs for early detection of cervical cancer (uterine cancer). The pain you have mentioned during intercourse is not because of d pap smear but during the procedure vagina is cleaned and opened up by instruments which will last for a day or two.

Mrs. Kantha, Canada

Q2: They use this scope to look into the uterus, and did biopsy to test possible anomalies. However, it hurts whenever there is intercourse. How long should  one avoid sexual contact, to recover.
Ans 2 The scope used to look in to uterus is called hysteroscope. The procedure may be painful for one or two days when coitus can be avoided.

Sharma, Nanded

Q3: Does having PAP smear each year erode tissues in the cervix? Does it cause pain during sex?
Ans 3 Pap smear is a very simple test where exfoliated (fallen down) cells  from cervex are taken by a brush or a spatula , fixed and stained and examined under microscope  for the presense of abnormal and malignant cells. So there is no erosion of cervex and is very safe.

- DR.Ramadevi deshpande

Chief Consultant- OB/GYN


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