A female and a male


K. Siva reddy

K. Siva reddy

In the early morning cold and darkness

When she slithesr in to my blanket and entwines me

Nothing I remember

Her accuses or the doubts

Either insults or the annoyances

Nothing can be remembered

I am a man and she is a woman that’s all

It’s the fact I think

Only a man and woman are the basic substance

In the entire creation

Isn’t it?

Our ethics and morals values and duties and

Moral obligations

Monogamy and abiding to a husband

All these piled up as dust on this basic substance


Early dawn when she glided into my blanket

Entwining me

When she placed a hand on my chest

Who am I?

Sans all the diseases in front of her

A melted child in purity

Who is she?

Washing away all her poison of the day

The ultimate power that enters into me

As breast milk. 

- K. Siva reddy

Transcreation:swatee Sripada


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