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Rallabandi Kavitha Prasad

Rallabandi Kavitha Prasad

41. I am

A night fly

In your eyes

But in reality

I am a star


42. Elegance

Charioting the love

Running in the street of heart

The mind has crushed

Under its wheels


43. Your mind its

An empty globe


Rotates around itself in happiness

Moves around something in need

My mind

It’s flat

Away rolling you go

On it


44. Time – A poem

  Life A song

 Body a story


An endless literature


45. The ship

That swam across

The time

Anchored in a vacuum bank

The time vanished

When looked back


46. My lord

Let me remain good only

Call me

To you


47. On the memories of



Storms and tsunamis

The wind goes on running

A search

That forgot its goal


48. When I feel


I feed


When my fingertips

Touch your lips

I feel filled


49. Mind occupied with


Body packed with


That’s why

Yours is

Incomplete love


50.No love subsists there


Every sentence


Who castigates

Would not be the God.


 – Rallabandi Kavitha Prasad

Transcreation: swatee sripada


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