On mothers day!

thEver wonder how you are existing the way you are? Is that because of you? Is that because of someone else? Is your reason for your existence your parents? Is mating the sole reason for progeny? If that is the case how is it that people are doing prayers, going to soothsayers, fertility experts and Rishi munis to have an offspring? Is it because there is a greater force and we are not yet aware of them?

Leaving the unknown and ethereal aside, if we look at the physical existential level the form and quality that we are now, is a cumulative result of parents, siblings, and society.
Concentrating on the nurturing part, we realize if not for the mom, one would not be existing. We owe to not only moms who brought us into the world but also who brought us up as child. They should be commended for what we are, because raising a child involves a lot of sacrifices until they are grown.

Moms spend their energy, time, risking their health to bear a child for nine months and bring it into the world. If they are blessed to raise the offspring they will; if not another person assumes that role and raises them, bringing them up as theirs.

Going to the doctor, taking them out for music lessons, football, baseball or tennis, or any other sport, giving them rides to friends, shopping, may be school if they are not able to go in the school bus, taking them to attend tutorials to ace the competitive exams and pay for it, all these activities become a part and parcel of their daily life.

If the moms are too particular, they even stay home and some even homeschool their kids to save them from outside forces that struck in schools like Columbine or Sandy Hook Elementary taking precious lives of young and old alike, who never lived to realize what they could have been. Our heart felt condolences to all those moms who lost their children and the kids who never got to say goodbye to their moms or dads.

It appears as if moms are sent to this world to protect their families, as long as they can,  wherever they are. It is a great opportunity for one to be able to thank such great souls on this occasion and give them their appreciation for making them what they achieve or attain in life.

However, life is not so rosy in many cases. Forget about celebrations on mothers day, buying flowers, candies, gifts, jewelry, or even as much as preparing lunch or dinner or taking them out for the evening; many children who are very well educated and living in countries like USA or UK or other developed parts of the world, including our own countries, are thinking so very strangely about their parents.

Some highly educated daughters and sons think their parents brought them up very unfairly by disciplining them. Some even think, if their parents have interest in visiting them, they would just ask them to stay with someone or live in a old age home and that they would send whatever it takes for them to keep there. I know of moms who just died of extreme depression, knowing that their own children have put them in old age homes or hospices and they would have to be all by themselves, with some strange people around. They did not last for few days after separation from families.

One of the highly educated daughters with IT background, working in the United States, invited her parents to take care of her for her pregnancy. When the baby was 3 to 6 months of age, as the infant was growing, she wanted to go to back to work and expected her parents to babysit at least 12 hours per day or even take care of it when she can go on tour to work in other parts of the country.

Parents of the young people who become parents, are not used to staying home 24/7 as they lack social life in the US or outside their countries. They have lived a life full of activity, with relatives and friends and places to go. Their children as they become parents expect them not only baby sit their infants or kids, but also expect them to prepare lunch or dinner or even wash dishes and do laundry. Perhaps they expect them to even mow the lawn and prune the garden, water plants, pull out weeds and walk the dogs. All is well as long as they are doing it out of love and enjoy doing it.

However, the parents get to hear things from their own children if something is not working in their kitchen gadgets or if a ceramic plate or tumbler are broken by chance or if they spill ghee or coke or any other food on the carpet.

Yes, also they need to get their own pocket money or health insurance or their meds if they have to, according to these darling children who expect them to visit them to help them in raising their babies, while they work.
If the parents want to go back, for all the efforts the old parents have been put, the children decide they will place the parents in old age homes and never go back to see them as they age.

Wow! what a great way of thinking for being their pet children! Moms! Do not lose your stand and sell away all your belongings in a rush to be with the children! What do you know, you may be parting not only with all your possessions, but also your honor as you get to depend on others for all the monetary or social needs.
Be yourselves, at all times! Happy thanks giving. We hope the world is not only with children of that type or the other kind who would pretend helping their parents, stay till they transfer their property on their name and may even take away all their peace of mind, but also with good souls who contribute positively to the health wealth of their parents and also provide mental peace at such age, which is very important. I know of children who grow up to be adults, but still fight with their parents childishly, for disciplining them as kids, and putting them through tough times… We will talk about such things when  time permits…

We wish the goodness of humanity to come out of both parents and children alike and wish them a very happy Mothers day! Have a gala time! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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