April 4th, 1968 marks one of the darkest days in history. It marks the 45 th anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr. It was on this day they were to start a march in Memphis Tennessee to support  the sanitation workers, that evening.

         It never happened, as the African American Youth leader was gunned down at Memphis, the same evening. However, his followers pursued with the cause and the movement is still ongoing with several youth leaders that have come to help lead the cause for the uplifting of

Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela

Rosa Parks    Rosa Parks

underprivileged and downtrodden. Election of leaders like Nelson Mandela and Barack Obama proves it to the world, one more time.

As we think about this great leader, we also think about other civil rights movements leaders who have been greatly influenced by the spirit of non-violence and non-cooperation.

President_Barack_ObamaJust as Mahatma Gandhi, who reacted for being thrown out of the first class railway compartment when traveling in South Africa, and participated in Indian National Movement, examples of Martin Luther King (jr), Rosa Parks, Nelson Mandela all of the stories of these great leaders show the influence of Mahatma Gandhi on their lives.



One such great leader is Baba Ambedkar, who fought for the rights of humanity neglected in India and involved in reforming the Constitution of India, was born on 14 th April.

Baba Ambedkar fought for the dalits rights all through his life, and he was an example of fight for uplifting of Dalits himself.

It gives a great inspiration to share the pictures of this great personality with all of you, and hope that stories of such great leaders would influence your thinking in supporting for the underprivileged. Reading the contributions of such great men, and women, we hope will bring about the change in thinking in a more human way and not repeat the incidents of Khairlanji ever again.


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