We see across the globe, stories of successful women, entrepreneurs, scientists, Professors, writers, poets, authors, journalists, social activists, doctors, nurses, engineers, lecturers, psychologists, politicians, counselors, artists and women in all walks of life in this month for women.
That is a great success, achievement and lot of penance towards achievement by each and every woman and participation from their families need to be applauded, and emulated.

                  While we bask in the glory of all their achievements, we cannot help but ponder about the unthinkable, inhuman nature of the crime that was committed against Nirbhaya and several others about that same time.
Nirbhaya, insisted that Justice should arrive for those gang rapists that have violated her and tortured and killed her.

    ap_Obama-VAWA_kb_130307_xwide          For her bravery and courage, Nirbhaya was awarded as the courageous woman nationally and internationally. Nirbhaya is awarded the Rani Lakshmi Bai -Stree Shakti Award for her bravery and courage by the Indian Government. 

                      The award presented by President of India, Shri Pranab Mukherjee was received by Nirbhaya’s mother in her honour on the International Women’s Day at a function held on this occasion. 


                “Nirbhaya, the “Fearless” Delhi gang rape victim, has been honoured with a US “woman of courage” award posthumously for “inspiring people to work together to end violence against women in India and around the world.””

               Also it is time the verdict is heard, at least in the case of the primary suspect, of the Delhi Gang Rape victim, Ram Singh, who “committed suicide” according to Jail officials at the Tihar Jail. 
However, Singh’s lawyer AP Singh thinks other wise. http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2013/mar/11/delhi-gang-rape-suspect-suicide

           Women, it is time the gender crimes are brought out and justice brought. 
We need to protect the girl child, right from conception to all stages of life.  Women should be recognized for their bravery, for their womanhood, and be recognized for all their efforts. Although the posthumous award for “Nirbhaya”  is a bit too late in bringing about justice for her case, it is a great step in the progress of women as women are becoming more vocal and voicing against crimes against women. It is a little bit solacing to know that President Obama signed the document against Crimes against Women.

             Until all women gain courage to rise against the atrocities conducted against them, Nirbhaya’s sacrifice would not hold its place. Long live Nirbhaya.


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