Spring of letters (Mini poems)-2

11. Writings on corruption

Are the walks in wrong ways?

They are the History

 That remains as opportunism

12. Caste and religion are

The bombs fixed to explode

If explodes –pieces

If united –national anthems

13. Man measures

Love with money

Sends his wife to grave

For the sake of riches

14. Endless child marriages

In the veil of Nikhaa

Laments in the prison of Arab Shaiks

The witnesses of gruesome culture

15. Don’t ever beat your breast

Looking at the growing good

Never forget

That greenery grows in the hill cliffs

16. Recognition of every work

It’s the heaven

Punishment to every fault

It’s the hell

17. Joining the hands

Both in

The war and friendship too

18. If the voices join

It’s a slogan

If the hands join

It’s the sensation

19. Love crop never nurtures

In a heart without mercy

Young sprouts never grow

In barren lands

20. The devotion on babas

Never seen on parents

Except the scams nothing blooms

Amid the people with baba schemes


- Acharya S. Sarat Jyothsna Rani

Transcreation : Swatee Sripada


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