There have been a number of cases around the world by unorganized groups of individuals across the globe who are torturing women, raping them and murdering them.

Umpteen number of women, umpteen number of stories that wrench the heart and kill the spirit.

On one hand the moment a girl child is conceived, they try to wash her away.

On the other hand, when she finds her life in the world, she is time and again reminded, reprimanded, rewarded by all sorts of beings in human form what her vulnerability is and is losing her life in these atrocities.

Last week in Mexico, there was a gang rape committed on a group of tourists. Excepting one person, in the group, who pleaded that she was a Mexican, everyone else were raped.

When it comes to law, there is no end to what the justice system wants, to prove that a woman was raped.

The two finger test that the doctors practice to find if the woman is sexually active, proves nothing. What if the woman is active sexually? Does that eliminate her from being a victim? How many married women are complaining of molestations and rapes?

For ever it has been going and we will never know if it is ever going to be washed out from the face of earth.

The epidemic that is seen around the world is finding its place in every corner. A sixteen year old caucasian woman was left to die for almost a week near the Willowridge area yesterday, after being raped by some anonymous person.

In the workforce, in the buses, in every nook and around the corner, in every place there is quiet, it is a place to be scared of.

What is with the people?

Why do they even celebrate the Valentines day or buy candies and teddy bears and give it to young girl friends, when all that they are, are like animals in human form?

Whatever is going on with something like Culture, Decency, and social order?

Is everyone playing deaf? Hello?


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