Anything for the same price


The coal stove burns without a pause

Whether the gold melted or not

The furnace of life turned to ash

And falls down as dust powder

Whether borax joined or not

Every day no moon day overlapped


Giving a polish and

Taking out the thread of very thin gold wire

Through the tool of it

Like gold stretching it out

In the corners of looks

Keeping it sacredly on the name of god

The golden flowers donned in the hair

Pure gold chain decked

On the neck of village mother

Till now proudly dangling ear rings of grand mother

Stone studded waist belt on mother’s waist

Who brought the stars down

Became thrashed floors

Even after rolling whole day in ash dust

Can’t even get a fist of food

Even after dipping in acid

No flesh remained to melt

Crescent moons( to wear in hair),

Tender mango designs

Necklaces of tamarind leaves

Waist thread with bells

Though beautiful craftsmanship flourishes

As if fallen in a forest

They all are transgressed

Holding gold in the palm

 Rolled along with silver balls

Diamonds, cat’s eyes and all nine gems

Though walk amid your home

Your wife never had even a grain of gold on her body

Promising on the empty vessels of grains

Either this way or that, the caste “brahmin’

Though Brahmam gaaru revealed everything

He never spoke of your fate and how it changes

Though the sage had written about the forthcoming time

He never declared the complimentary time


Day before yesterday the plough and rake

Yesterday the loom and the spinning wheel

Today the hammer , a whet stone and adze

The hands that provided the food

The tools

Work of the castes that gave the food

Everything, everything anything for the same cost 

- Dr.Pattipaka Mohan

translation: Swathee sripada


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