White Ribbon Day


All life long, affected by emotions and emotional outbursts and living a life far from reaching goals are lives of some women. When we consider their health and available facilities at home, many people object by saying, “What problems are there with such facilities, in this era with all the amenities at home and work like kitchen appliances like mixers and blenders, electronic gadgets and A/C rooms …” There is no end to list out the facilities and items available by not just men folk but a large number of women too.

How so ever, it is for the middle class and lower middle class women and children that none has time even to dwell upon. It is because there is not much interaction with this group of people with the society at large. That does not mean this section of women is free from worries or problems.  It is like, society is turning a blind eye while they are being victimized all along.

Opposing the atrocities against women worldwide from November 25th to December 10th, for about 16 days, there have been awareness programs conducted around the world, within 154 nations. Nearly 2000 volunteering organizations from all fields are supporting the opposition against violence of women internationally.

In nations around the world, such as Europe, Great Britain, India and other parts of the world, they have celebrated on November 25th, International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women. Men of all ages are pledging against violence against women by wearing a white ribbon badge, and remained silent, and took oath that they would not hurt women mentally or physically. Many schools, teachers, organizations, books, internet/ web sites and other communications media have a need to come out to educate the significance of this day. Explaining the philosophy in wearing a white ribbon badge may bring some awareness among masses and bring change in their behavior towards women.

Some members of sports organizations are participating in spreading the word with the sponsorship by their organizations. Many religious organizations are also participating in spreading the awareness about Elimination of Violence Against Women.

When the victimized women are considered, it is observed that, women who are abused physically and mentally are hurt by someone who is close to them, who inflicted them with such pain. They are affected with such factors of mental health, such as, depression, sadness, post-traumatic stress, anxiety, suicidal attempt, and other mental illnesses.

They lose their health, wellness and childrens’ health due to their negligence. It was found that in countries like India, Rwanda, South Africa, Tanzania and Americas that violence and sexual abuse leads to HIV transmission, because of which societies will remain undevelped due to economic backwardness.

 International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women was held in 1991, for the first time, from the Womens’ Global Leadership Institute. There have been several such programs world over since then.

However, it has not reduced the the violence against women even a little bit. The awareness programs keep happening as if some routine. Result is negligible as violence keeps growing.

In India it is not men alone who are violent against women, it is also women who are violent to women, as seen in several dowry deaths of daughters-in-law.

Think about it, how worse it is.

December 1st was World Aids Day, and December 10th, it is the International Human Rights Day.

Don’t you think it is important to change one’s attitudes as well as the system that cultivates it?

It is violence against women even if she is hurt or abused psychologically, so change.

- Hemalatha Putla 


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